Storified: #ShoutingBack Not Shutting Up

#ShoutingBack Not Shutting Up

What I did to mark #twittersilence. Clue- I wasn’t all that quiet.

  1. I am woman. Hear me roar.
  2. I was 7 when I first saw outright misogyny. The boys in my year joined arms, chanting ‘WE HATE GIRLS’ for an entire lunchtime. #shoutingback
  3. I was friends with lots of those boys, and I cried for much if the afternoon afterwards. #shoutingback
  4. My first experience of street harassment was when I was 13. I started getting honked at by builders in my school uniform. #shoutingback
  5. When I was 15 a man started curb-crawling me on my way to the shop (again in school uniform), asking me lewd questions. #shoutingback
  6. When I was 19, on the way back to campus, the two male friends I was walking with joked about raping me. #shoutingback #twittersound
  7. I received my first rape threat on twitter 18months ago. I took on UniLad & their supporters did not like it. #twittersound #shoutingback
  8. I received my last rape threat on twitter three days ago.
  9. When I was 17 we caught a man masturbating in the park whilst he watched us. #twittersound #shoutingback
  10. @sazza_jay my friend as a kid, was asked for directions by kerb crawling cabby with the shakes. She now realises he didn’t have the shakes.
  11. When I was 15, boys in my year used to make comments like ‘nice legs, what time do they open?’ It was bullying. #shoutingback #twittersound
  12. When I was 13, as part of a drama presentation, a boy sexually harassed me, a member of the audience. It was humiliating. Teacher did nowt.
  13. I was 12 years old and still played with legos when the lifeguard called me jailbait. @sazza_jay #shoutingback #twittersound
  14. I was 8 years old the first time a boy called me a bitch. I wouldn’t let him borrow a gel pen. #shoutingback #twittersound
  15. I was 20 when a man approached me in a club and told me he wanted to fuck me ‘whether I liked it or not’. #twittersound #shoutingback
  16. @sazza_jay all the boys in my primary school class circled me & jeered after I said women could be leaders too. I remember it so clearly
  17. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been non-consensually groped. Or how old I was when it 1st happened. #shoutingback #twittersound
  18. @sazza_jay me neither. I recently started calling it sexual assault – before I brushed it off as ‘stuff that happens as a woman’
  19. @sazza_jay I remember psychically grabbing a man who put his hand up the back of my friends skirt and being called “nuts” for defending her
  20. “@bezukhova: I’ve been sexually assaulted by strangers and people I trusted. I get street harassment and threats all the time.” – Same 8((
  21. @sazza_jay boy in school made me fix a pen so my hands were full & he could touch me under the desk. Only realised much later it was assault
  22. Shit men have called me on the Internet: bitch, slut, whore, dumb cunt, tranny, dyke, cumhole, fuckable, ugly, asking for it, hysterical 1/?
  23. Shit man have called me on the Internet: rapeable, lezzer, retard, cocksucker, dick worshipper, feminazi, manhater, white n***er, deluded.
  24. More shit men call me: psycho, sugartits, super jugs, tits, psycho, insufferable, sexist, misandrist #shoutingback #twitternoise
  25. Anyway, stop complaining and read #Twittersound, where people discuss instances of rape and sexual harassment. Listen to the unheard.



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