An Open Letter To Nadine Dorries About My Uterus

Dear Ms Nadine Dorries MP,

I want to first of all thankyou for your continued interest in the contents of my uterus. I understand that you have only the deepest concerns for what goes on in there. However, I feel you may be overstepping some social boundaries a little, so I made some easy-to-follow diagrams to illustrate the problem.

Here is your Uterus.


Here is my uterus.


I know this can be confusing as they look quite similar. Luckily they have different packaging to help you know whose belongs to whom.

On the outside, yours looks like this:


On the outside, mine looks like this:


You may keep what you like in your uterus. Here are some examples;



Traditional Values,


Margaret Thatcher’s heart,

York Stone Dry

In turn, I shall keep what I like in my uterus. For example;



Sea Turtles,


Greek mythology,


You get the idea.

And in the interests of minding our own goddamn business, we shouldn’t start dictating what other ladies choose to keep in theirs.

I hope this helped.

Best wishes,

Sarah McAlpine
‘low life lefty’ & owner of a uterus


8 responses to “An Open Letter To Nadine Dorries About My Uterus

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  3. This is very clever, will show my students on Monday, just in the ‘ guise’ of how social media can be used to confront politics – cough- but the girls will get the message, thanks!

  4. No one should have the right to tell some one what to do with their body. That really should include earnings, talent, labor.

    What most people mean is no one has the right to tell me what to do, now here is a list of things I want every one else to abide by/pay etc.

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