In Which George Galloway Is A Total Ignoramus

The last few days have been quite eventful for Julian Assange. Well, actually, I’d imagine they were quite uneventful, as he was stuck in the same building that’s protected him for several weeks. Still, he’s a resourceful type, and despite his self-imposed imprisonment he has managed to cause an international row between the UK and Ecuador. All in a day’s work.

So whilst this slightly pointless political posturing has been clogging up the headlines, you’ll be forgiven for being out of the loop on Mr Galloway’s thoughts on the matter.

Before we go any further, it’s important we note that Mr Galloway is an elected Member of Parliament, a position of power, influence and (in theory) responsibility.

He waded into the argument late last night on his twitter account, stating that the accusations of rape brought against Assange were politically motivated. Whilst I wholeheartedly disagree, it’s what he said in reply to his sceptics that’s truly infuriating.

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Whilst he is correct to assert that Assange has yet to be charged with rape, due in part to a differentiation of Sweden’s legal system, it is false and irresponsible to suggest that he hasn’t been accused of rape. He has, by two women. Similarly it is incorrect that what the women have alleged isn’t a crime in the UK. It is. The entire extradition hearing hinged upon this fact, and despite misinformation spread around by the media, with the help of Assange’s legal team, it was established that the accusations fall under the UK’s legal definition of rape.

He went on to assert this to numerous people whom disagreed with him, amusingly reiterating that these were ‘legal facts’ and anyone whom disagreed was ignorant when it’s pretty clear that Galloway is totally oblivious of the UK’s definition of rape and the accusations against Assange.

He also fell afoul of a rape myth along the way.

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Because if you consent to sex once, you’re consenting for eternity of course.

Most appallingly of all, he then retweeted-to his 86,000 followers-a link containing personal information about Assange’s accusers. These are women who have already received death threats. In the UK rape victims are assured complete anonymity. As followers of the Ched Evan’s case has shown us, breaking this anonymity is a criminal offence. Although this legal anonymity, to my knowledge, doesn’t extend to victims overseas, to publish personal details of victims is totally unethical. I doubt you will find examples of any respected publications publicly naming these women.

For Galloway to have done so is nothing short of abhorrent, especially in such a controversial case where the alleged victims feel that their lives may be threatened. These are not the actions one should associate with a member of parliament, and he should apologise immediately.


10 responses to “In Which George Galloway Is A Total Ignoramus

  1. Hmmm. Under s75 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, absence of consent is presumed where “the complainant was asleep or otherwise unconscious at the time of the relevant act”. So the women would have had to have consented specifically to that act, and Assange would have to have explicit proof of that consent. And that’s in a British court, Mr Galloway.

    But I suppose I’m just ignorant, right?

      • Well of course, because like with marriage, once a man has had sex with a woman he owns her. He can mount her on the wall, like a giant stuffed-moose-head trophy.

  2. Wiki-Creep Assange, The Scamp
    Pvt. Bradley, the Champ

    December 1, 2010

    From Sweden without love: Assange is no James Bond

    November 7, 2011

    Joan Smith: Why do we buy Julian Assange’s one-man psychodrama?

    21 JUNE 2012

    A footnote on the Julian Assange Case

    AUG 18, 2012

    Galloway will never show those kinds of articles…..

    I’ll leave you with this classic Galloway moment:

  3. I remember Christopher Hitchens (before he headed off to the great boozer in the sky) saying of George Galloway, “Just when I think he can’t sink any lower, he goes and proves me wrong.”

  4. What exactly is the truth here? If you read Terry Jones’ twitter feed, he had sex with two women without using a condom (a crime in Sweden) – the police were then approached with the intention of forcing him into taking an STD test, whereupon, to their apparent dismay, they were told he was going to be charged with rape?

    • (Triggering content) I am afraid you are misinformed. He is not charged because he had sex without a condom, he is charged for with penetrating a woman who was unconscious without a condom, when they had previously had protected sex. (the lack of consent has nothing to do with the condom and everything to do with the fact that she was unconscious. Unconscious people aren’t able to consent). In the second case the woman would not consent to unprotected sex, so according to her he forced himself onto her without a condom. It is not illegal to have unprotected sex in Sweden, or their people would have died out by now.

      Twice the allegations have been proven to be consistent with the UK’s definition of rape.. This is not about a condom, and I suggest you unfollow Terry Jones if this is the kind of rubbish he is spouting.

  5. Galloway no doubt wishes a man could still rape his wife legally.

    This video is interesting, someone who disagrees with him suddenly becomes a “woman beater” at the end of this interview. Because he agrees with Assange he’s willing to look past and misrepresent rape allegations. He really is a horrible little man.

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