Fuck The Patriarchy Readathon

Because I don’t have enough to do this summer between  work, job applications, driving lessons, trying to relocate, blogging and generally attempting to have a life, I’m taking on my own summer challenge.

I’m going to be taking part in the Fuck The Patriarchy Readathon, challenging me to ready TWENTY books in TWO months. And, yes, proper books, not pamphlets at the Doctors or the writing you get on the back of a cereal box.

The Fuck The Patriarchy readathon came as a reaction to the hideous and triggering (!) #ItsNotRapeIf hashtag that’s been doing the rounds on twitter in the past few days.  Particularly appalling highlights –or, I suppose, lowlights- include these gems.

Trigger warning for rape culture bullshit.

“#ItsNotRapeIf she’s homeless”

Hilarious, because 40% of young women who became homeless experienced rape or sexual assault in childhood or adolescence. That’s not to mention the heightened vulnerability of homeless women from sexual abuse. LOL, amirite?

“#ItsNotRapeIf she follows back on twitter”

This is funny because if you rape a woman who knows you then it’s not really rape. HAHA.

“#ItsNotRapeIf you take her on a $200 date”

So witty, because everyone knows that women are just whores, and if you buy a woman dinner, you’re like, totes entitled to her body. Because you bought her things! Because she’s a prostitute! Get it? ROFL.

My sister, @whatkatie_did, found this all pretty fucking upsetting and with the help of all of us and all of you we want to do something about it. Cleanse this bullshit with something of a more positive nature.

Thus, the readathon was born. We’re going to be raising money for Rape Crisis England and Wales– whom do phenomenal work for victims of rape and sexual abuse- and we’d love for you to get involved. Whether that be through or a kind donation or preferably joining the readathon yourself! If twenty books seems a lot to you, ‘cause hey, you’ve got shit to do, pick a number that will both suit and challenge you. We’ll also be writing and accepting book reviews as we go, on a tumblr not yet set up.

We’ll be starting the challenge on 1st of July and it will end on the 31st of August. If you’d like to get involved, let me know here or via twitter @sazza_jay or alternatively through my sister @whatkatie_did.

I also welcome any and all book recommendations!

If you’d like to donate, the just giving page for all readers is here.


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