Christina Odone is definitely not just demonising disabled people to defend terrible Welfare Reforms.

So this week, we’ve seen the ever-charming Ian Duncan Smith promise reforms to the welfare sector, and he is now taking an awful lot of criticism for cutting billions in Disability Living Allowance. Now, he’s framing this as a crackdown on fraud, but as fraudulent claimants only make up an estimated 0.1%, a lot of people with brains have pointed out that this is going to hit a lot of genuine claimants. Under the reforms, Labour has pointed out that even amputees could lose out.

IDS argues that removing an allowance that helps many disabled people to stay in work will stop them all from festering about at home, doing nothing but being disabled and leeching money from all those poor wealthy people who just want to carry on not paying their taxes and generally shitting on the rest of us. Or something.

Unsurprisingly, many people are a bit pissed off with these reforms. I’ll admit- I was one of them. Then Christina Odone at the Telegraph wrote a very well informed and not at all hyperbolic article which has made me see the error of my ways. Let’s take a look.

Headlined as Iain Duncan Smith must not give in to the ‘disability bullies’, I’ll admit, it does sound a tad provocative.  The idea of one of the most marginalised groups in the nation ‘bullying’ a privileged old white chap seems a little farfetched, I’ll grant you. But Christina points out;

He is taking on a powerful and often extremist lobby

I know, I know, it seems ridiculous, right? I mean, Anders Breivik has been described as an extremist, and that Abu Qatada bloke, not to mention Islamic terrorists connected with Al Qaeda.

I know what you’re thinking.  Isn’t it a bit ridiculous to claim that disabled people and those people trying to help are the same as those people who keep blowing people up, or shooting them in the head and stuff?  I mean, surely Disability activists are quite nice, really. They’re trying to help people get about in a world that’s quite difficult to navigate if you’re not able bodied or you don’t have your mental health in tip top condition.

Boy, oh boy, you could not be more wrong. This is the Telegraph! They don’t just throw the word around all namby pamby!  Christina will soon set you straight. Last year;

hundreds of disabled marched and rode in wheelchairs in protest in central London

I know, I know, hundreds doesn’t seem exactly huge. I mean, hundreds of thousands marched in defence of higher education. And about a million marched to protest the war in Iraq.

But you guys- some of these people were in wheelchairs. Now I don’t know if you knew this, but some of those things have motors! They can move at nearly seven miles an hour! I mean that’s extreme, right? You can’t just have all these people in wheelchairs all in one place at the same time; imagine the damage they could do!

If you’re having trouble imagining, it’s okay. We can actually tell you what those extremist bastards did.

Some threw fake blood

I know. Fake blood. Imagine! I’ve worn that stuff to Halloween, and really, it is nigh on impossible to get out. That’s some permanent damage these extremists are doing.

And you should hear what they threw it at. Not even on people’s clothes- I know, what’s more heinous than that? Thrown at pensioners, maybe? Or poured into the mouths of new born babies? Into the empty eye-sockets of dead firemen?

…on the pavement,

I’ll give you a minute to comprehend that.


Sadly, the depravity only goes from strength to strength.

…others wore gloves

Betcha thinking ‘oh that’s not so bad. I must admit to donning a pair once or twice, when I’m feeling a bit evil. Or cold.’

Like these people only wear gloves to keep warm. Please.

…as they told the BBC that the government cuts had cut off their hands

They’re using a metaphor. Everyone knows metaphors are used to bully politicians into giving into terrorists! And incorporating gloves into the tactic is a whole other level of malice.

Clearly our Government is made of sturdy stuff.

more is sure to follow with IDS’s defiant stand in today’s Telegraph.

This shit could clearly get out of hand. Perhaps we ought to start building bomb shelters.

Because, as Odone points out;

Emotional manipulation and shock value are routine in their demonstrations.

Thank goodness she’s above all that.

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